DJ for Wedding and Reception Songs



  • Choose a date and time for your rehearsal and rehearsal event. Typically this is the day before the ceremony.
  • Choose a rehearsal event. Sometimes a dinner the event is an opportunity to entertain family, out of town guests and the bridal party before the actual wedding day.
  • Create a specific list of guests for both the rehearsal and the event. The rehearsal should include all members of the wedding party, the officiant and the wedding planner. The dinner may include additional family members and friends at the discretion of the bride and groom.


  • Where will the groom be getting ready?
  • When will pictures be taken?
  • Will the bride and groom see each other before the wedding?
  • Will you need a dressing room for the bridesmaids or groomsmen?


  • Consider the atmosphere you would like to evoke during your ceremony.
  • What specific type of music would you like? Would you like certain songs performed at key moments?
  • Would you like to offer  special additions to your ceremony, such as  special refreshments for guests, unique furniture placement to ease guest socialization, a fireworks display or more? The sky’s the limit!
  • Provide a full list of the entire bridal party to the DJ in the order of entrance. Make sure to include any family members and their friends.


  • How many guests will you have? What type of seating will you offer?
  • What type of music or other entertainment would you like? Would you like specific songs performed by EL PASO PARTY DJ throughout the event at key moments?
  • What type of menu would you like? Would you like tray-passed items, culinary stations, a seated meal, or a combination of these and other options? Will you have a cake?
  • Would you like an open bar? Will you offer a signature drink? Make sure to include non-alcoholic options.
  • Will you have a theme for your reception? How do you want that theme translated into décor?
  • Would you like any special lighting?
  • Will you set up a gift table? Would you like your gifts stored?
  • How will you distribute table assignment information?
  • Create a full schedule of events by consulting with EL PASO PARTY DJ, including a timeline for introductions,
  • the first dance, any blessings and toasts, and the cake cutting.
  • Would you like to host a post wedding brunch the next day?
  • Will you require any special assistance packing your wedding dress?
  • Have you decided who will be responsible for transporting your gifts home after the wedding?
  • If you are leaving on your honeymoon directly from the hotel, do you need special assistance with travel details?