Music for El Paso Texas Weddings

Wedding DJWedding music is all a matter of taste. El Paso Party DJ can help you choose the right music for El Paso Texas weddings: a professional DJ  is crucial to pulling of your ceremony and reception without a problem!

There are many different aspects to a wedding ceremony and wedding reception which make it complete. The couple needs to consider all parts of the big day in order to ensure that they have everything ready to go. One such item that needs to be decided upon prior to the special occasion is the type of wedding music that will be part of the day. The future bride and groom will need to consider wedding music for both the wedding ceremony and wedding reception. El Paso Party DJs expertise can help!

El Paso Texas Weddings and the right Ceremony Music

With regard to the wedding ceremony, there are many different options with regard to wedding music. The first decision which must be made is whether the couple wants live or prerecorded music. If live, they then need to choose from choirs, individual singers or instrumental music. For the couples who would like to have prerecorded music playing, they can choose either vocal or instrumental selections to play throughout the wedding ceremony.

Here’s a list of top love songs for weddings: El Paso Texas Weddings has provided some fascinating lists of songs:

The top 5 first dance songs for 2012:

1.    At Last – Etta James
2.    Can’t Help Falling in Love – Elvis Presley
3.    Marry Me – Train
4.    You and Me – Dave Matthews Band
5.    All My Life – K-Ci & JoJo tied with Lucky – Jason Mraz, The Way You Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra and Then – Brad Paisley

El Paso Texas WeddingsThe top 5 Father/Daughter Dance Songs:

1.    I Loved Her First – Heartland
2.    Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
3.    The Way You Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra
4.    Cinderella – Steven Curtis Chapman
5.    My Girl – The Temptations tied with Unforgettable – Natalie Cole

TOP 5 ‘Do Not Play’ Songs
1.    Chicken Dance
2.    Electric Slide
3.    Macarena
4.    YMCA
5.    Cotton Eye Joe

TOP Songs from 2011 for 2012 Wedding:
1.    Marry You – Bruno Mars
2.    Just a Kiss – Lady Antebellum
3.    Love You Like a Love Song –Selena Gomez
4.    Countdown – Beyoncé
5.    We Found Love – Rihanna

These lists and lots more wedding music info is available at

Once the choice of live or prerecorded music is selected, the couple must then determine what musical selections they would like to have played during their ceremony. Some prefer the traditional wedding march while others like jazzier ceremony music. The future bride and groom may also wish to select various hymns to accompany the ceremony itinerary. El Paso Party DJ may be able to adequately offer some suggestions with regard to appropriate ceremony music selections.

El Paso Texas Weddings and the right music for the Reception

Once the ceremony is complete and the newlyweds along with their bridal party and guests move along to the wedding reception, they should find themselves in an establishment which has music playing as well. The main choice which the couple needs to decide upon is whether to have a DJ or live band play at their wedding reception. There are a few considerations when trying to choose between the two.

There are pros and cons to having a DJ play music at the reception. Some of the pros associated with DJs include less expensive fees, greater selection of music and the bride and groom will always know what the music will sound like, as it is prerecorded. Some of the negative aspects which one may find with a DJ is that there is only one individual playing the music, there is a lack of variety in song versions and the DJ may not be as lively as a band. A band may take frequent breaks though and doesn’t provide continuous music the way a DJ does.

When considering having a live band play at the reception, it is important to consider some of the positive and negative aspects of doing so. On the bright side, when the couple has a live band play at their reception they will have lively entertainment by the individuals playing the music, there may be more exciting variations to the songs and it provides a more elegant and personal atmosphere to the special day. With regard to potential negative aspects of having a live band, the band members may not sound as good as on their demo tape, they may not have as many musical selections and they will most likely be pricier than renting a DJ would be.

When deciding which music option to choose, it is best to consider individual tastes, financial ability and style of wedding ceremony that is going to be held. This will help the couple to narrow in on their desired wedding music choice. El Paso Texas Weddings are more successful with an experienced wedding DJ.