Weddings come in all different shapes and sizes. They can be simple or elegant, large or small. One type of wedding which individuals throw once in a while is a theme wedding. These can be as tasteful or outrageous as the couple desires them to be. Some examples of popular themes for weddings are the Beach Theme Wedding, Winter Wedding, Valentines, Medieval, Christmas, Western, Las Vegas, Hollywood and Fall Weddings to name a few.

The following will highlight some theme wedding ideas to give individuals a place to start should they desire to have a wedding celebration of this type.

Black and White Weddings

An example of an elegant type of themed wedding is the black and white wedding. This exquisite affair entails the guests wearing some form of black and white attire. Although it is usually only the bride who should wear white to a wedding, this type of affair negates any etiquette requirements with regard to the white clothing ban. A black and white wedding is perfect for a country club setting or large-scale estate where the theme can really be brought to life. There is so much one can do with a wedding planof this type including everything from guest attire requirements to exquisite black and white decorations.

Hawaiian Weddings

These hawaiian weddings are a great choice for casual weddings. Weddings such as beach weddings or weddings held in the backyard of one’s home can really be jazzed up by utilizing a Hawaiian theme. All of the guests can be asked to wear Hawaiian shirts and floral dresses to the special event. As for the bride and groom, they too can wear casual Hawaiian oriented apparel and exchange their vows in their bare feet or sandals if they like. The food served after a wedding in hawaii can be similar to that offered at a true Hawaiian luau. This type of wedding theme provides an overall festive atmosphere for the couple and their guests as well.

Mardi Gras Weddings

For those individuals who have a love for the Big Easy festivities, why not bring the spirit of New Orleans to one’s wedding. Beads, masks and colorful clothing can be worn to a wedding of this type. This is the perfect kind of wedding for individuals who want their special day to be fun and festive. This can be as casual or elegant as the couple likes. The food which is served after the wedding ceremony can be full of Southern flair which adds to the New Orleans flavor of the occasion. Conclusion One can do a lot in the way of having a theme wedding. Theme weddings are great as they provide a fun atmosphere to the special day and allow the couple and guests to have a great time while rejoicing in their marital union. One who chooses to have this type of wedding can utilize the theme for the ceremony, reception or both. There are so many options to individuals when it comes to choosing that perfect theme for their wedding.