This list isn’t arbitrary, over and over throughout the years these venues continue to be popular.  So this is my completely unofficial list of the top five wedding venues in El Paso.

  1. El Paso Club
  2. DoubleTree Hotel
  3. El Paso Country Club
  4. Coronado Country Club
  5. Marriott Hotel

El Paso Club is at the top of the Chase Bank building in downtown El Paso and the views are spectacular. It is the smallest venue on the list, but it does have valet parking and the food is superb.

The Double Tree Hotel reception hall sit at the top of the hotel and also has amazing views. This venue is larger and comes in a close second to the El Paso Club.

El Paso Country Club is an El Paso classic that is suffering because of long term traffic problems and closures. Hopefully these will be straightened out soon.

Coronado Country Club is a versatile venue that can accommodate several parties at once including pool parties.

Marriott El Paso is conveniently located near the El Paso airport and offers versatile facilities for all size parties.